We Started with the aim to Help Businesses and Individuals with Marketing and Branding Services, says Sourav Kumar Yadav

We Started with the aim to Help Businesses and Individuals with Marketing and Branding Services, says Sourav Kumar Yadav

Saurav Kumar Yadav, a nineteen-year-old from Chhattisgarh, is at the helm of the world of entrepreneurship. Popularly known as Krantiveer, he is a rising figure in the field of entrepreneurship. Additionally, Saurav is a passionate musician, rapper, and music director. 

In 2020, Saurav established KMF Productions, with the goal of providing an array of services such as video editing, recording, audio and video production, and more, at an economical cost. The excellent quality of service and the cost-effectiveness of his offerings have been well-received, leading Saurav to further expand his venture by launching KMF MEDIA Pvt. Ltd. This company focuses on advertising, marketing, and branding.

As time went by, Saurav had a new business idea. He launched a website called Tune Fry, which helps people to get licenses for their songs and manage whatever needs to be done. Thousands of artists have availed of Tune Fry's services and are highly pleased with it. The company does everything it can to assist the artists.

At the mere age of 19, he managed to own and establish three successful businesses. This was made feasible because of his creative thinking. He has the knack for giving anything a unique twist and this is why KMF MEDIA comes up with something fresh every time.

In the early days of his professional life, he had to endure numerous stumbles and hardships. He had a difficult time as he went after success. Initially, people were skeptical about his business concepts, but eventually Saurav showed them they were wrong and obtained what he desired. He always strived to take something valuable away from his failures and never gave up on his aspirations.

His motto, "Where there's a will, there's a way," has been a great source of motivation throughout his career. Saurav's story is intriguing: He left his home to study for the JEE, and instead put his efforts into gaining practical experience at different companies. He is now a student of Mass Communication at the International Institute of Mass Media. Additionally, his musical talent has been flourishing, with 19 songs already released on YouTube and other platforms. An impressive 2Lacs listeners have enjoyed his tunes so far.

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