UpTodd stood as Asia’s most premier parenting parenting platform with above 90% NPS

UpTodd stood as Asia’s most premier parenting parenting platform with above 90% NPS

In the face of many parenting companies unable to meet evolving parenting and child growth needs, parenting start-up UpTodd continues to see a growth rate in customer happiness index above 90 per cent. Abhishek Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, UpTodd, said the company expects to maintain this rate and expand by 80% in FY23

The company has built a vast organic footprint through its model of offering free self-parenting learning parenting modules. Parents are only charged if they want to join personalised or KIT based parenting program, 24*7 support etc. “We have partnered 1000s of local vendors to cater organic toy needs, and collaborated with top experts to offer personalised experience to consumers, and if parent joins that segment then it is paid,” Singh added.  

On lowering customer satisfaction in parenting edtech, Singh said UpTodd uses its personalised approach to drive the business, in combination with a strong high algorithm based personalised approach. UpTodd.com starts personalisation from the first interaction, that too without taking any costs, even UpTodd Generates milestone report without charging any cost for the same to the parent, currently serving in 150+ countries via. different types of programs 

“We are in the process of building a strong global presence gradually, and having maximum consumers from referral & repeat signifies the quantity of work we put in for creating a strong satisfaction rate ,” Singh said.


Notably, UpTodd is the only platform with highest organic ratings above 90% in parenting domain across all social platforms, and recently have been listed as the fortune most transparent personalised company in Asia. UpTodd has always been a global company with a significant footprint in the US market, since the initial research period. Singh said UpTodd’s global consumer base makes 32% of the business and 68% comes from the Indian Market.


Currently the company is focused on strengthening its consumer satisfaction and operations to scale globally. On the trend of parenting companies providing one fit all approach and small marketing based less than 7 days programs, Singh said UpTodd used to do this Free for consumers without any charge on the same. “Anything that you don’t know sounds very exciting. But once you get into it, you start understanding the nuances and realise that it is not as simple as it sounds. We realised that charging for a very small program to parents can never help to create positive brand awareness, in the long run to survive, it's important to concentrate on core values.”

In the recent past, there have been growing concerns around parenting domain for mis-selling products and rising number of consumer complaints. Singh concluded that any sector that grows has pain points and gradually we are holding those ground really strong by providing a personalised support system.