Work-from-home has become the new normal and continues to be preferred by most working professionals post the pandemic period. However, the challenges of remote working are no less. Struggling to manage distractions, unplugging after working hours, communication gap and to top it all technology and connectivity issues proved to be the most difficult to cope with as it interrupted the smooth work flow.

Embracing technology and bringing harmony to life with technology by providing the easiest solution to work-from-home professionals in order to increase productivity was brought about by the company ElhiTech based in India.

Imagine no one interrupting your work because of a smart computer controlled busylight. This unique concept was brought into the market by ElhiTech, a workspace technology company. ElhiTech is the manufacturer of India's first smart busylight which shows the users real time status. This implies that the Elhi busylight shows other people in the house if you are busy or free by switching lights to red or green. This product is a smart computer controlled status light which automatically changes colour according to one’s status in various compatible VC Platforms and thereby increases workspace productivity. It also has an option to manually control Elhi with a premium user friendly software.

It’s quick integration setup in just five easy steps makes the process smooth and quick. Also, Elhi is powered by a Multicore Processor and connects to the computer via Wifi. This wireless range can be plugged anywhere in the house. Elhi showcases another interesting feature making it the perfect addition to anyone’s home-office. Its small form factor makes it suitable as it does the job while being subtle and doesn’t use blinding light indicators or make head biting noises. The auto-status update while working helps prevent any awkward moments during a call making the working experience very comfortable.

The journey of this launching this product started in September 2020, the year when everyone was compelled to work from home. The product was launched after analysing the difficulties faced while remotely working, mainly people getting disturbed by family members which directly affected productivity. As a solution to make the working experience productive and improve the work-life balance, the Busylight by Elhi was launched. Besides indicating the real-time status of a user, it also automatically syncs status with multiple Video conferencing platforms like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others.

Till date, ElhiTech has sold over one hundred twenty pieces on Amazon and was given the contract to install busylights outside all cabins in “Morepen Laboratories”, their first corporate client. What makes Elhi the most trusted and preferred brand is that every single article used to make the product is Made In India. The company firmly believes in the policy of self-reliance and therefore doesn’t import any article from China.

Lately, to expand its horizons, ElhiTech is continuously working to extend the benefits to more and more physical workspaces like offices and organisations and is committed to provide the best working experience and make it better for the users.

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