Surekha Wankhede pens down a thoughtful writeup on the color red!

Surekha Wankhede pens down a thoughtful writeup on the color red!

Surekha Wankhede pens down a thoughtful writeup on the color red!
Surekha Wankhede

Surekha Wankhede is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is persuing her graduation in pharmacy in RTMNU. This 21 year old girl is consistently working in the field of writing. She has worked as co-author in more than 150+ anthologies including national, international and world records too. She also got many awards for the same like Inspirational Indian Award 2021, Bhartiya Youth Face Award, Real Super Women 2021 by FSIA nd mny more. She is also working on her solo book.

The Red Color - By Surekha Wankhede 

The color of blood is red. 
You all agree with that right?
Red is not only the color of blood but it is also the color that beautifies her saree, mehandi and mahavar (aalta). 

It can be my emotion, love, anger, judgment, and excitement. It specifies so many aspects with a sole tint. It's a color in which women are characterized beautifully. 
I think women should proudly say that they menstruate each month. I bleed every month. Each month I go through period cramps, mood swings, and what not. Menstruation is not a thing that we should ignore and treat as unloved, instead of that we should adore it and understand it.
So now, I want to ask how many times would you folks tell her "You're impure, don't touch God, don't come out of your room, don't touch anything, Taboo, etc." You want to take birth on this earth, but you don't want her periods. You don't want to withstand her through her period cramps. You don't want to make her feel relaxed and happy when she is in periods. She prepares herself to tolerate that cramps, weakness, and what not but we act like it's easy for her. She is in pain and still works for others but hesitate to share that, "I'm on a period." 

It's ridiculous we all live in this society, where we have to hide this thing. 
Why can't we be frank on the topic of periods as we are on other topics? 
Well, is it necessary to talk about Femina topics?
We should create a random downpour of influential and supporting attitudes for a woman. She has the right to be happy during the periods. She needs your support because she bleeds to give birth.