“Influencers are the essential key to the advertisement” Abhinav Dubey

“Influencers are the essential key to the advertisement” Abhinav Dubey

In this updated world Abhinav Dubey Popularly known as “Abhi” gives preference to the creators of social media in the digital marketing field. “The best and easy way to marketize a product or service is to connect with the consumers directly with the help of content creators because they are the one who knows how to influence their audience and can create a positive impact of the launching at the beginning”

As a 16-year-old media entrepreneur, Abhinav has been turning heads with his remarkable stints in the digital content industry. Be it pioneering the influencer marketing space, curating innovative digital campaigns across platforms like Instagram, and YouTube transforming the traditional methods of the talent management industry.

In a short span of a couple of years, we have seen him grow as a dynamic leader responsibly shaping us all with his valuable input.


On 19th January 2023, Abhinav was Invited to the creator's meet where he can be seen with many big faces. Many glimpses of the meet were shared on their social media handles. Many big faces are seen over the meet.

At the time of the Interview, he said:“ WE WORK FOR THE BETTERMENT OF CREATORS”

This was a proud moment for him and his family, the teenage is the age when one individual doesn't know what to do in the future, Abhinav proved that the basic need is to observe the question of life and tackle the opportunity that life gave us at every stage. The one who can understand the meaning of earning and the necessity of earning he/she can be successful in their life.

He is helping out such personalities that haven't been known yet nationally, “ Our motto is to develop a collective identity of creators like a well-established brand”. He is not only working for generating leads, but the has also done many charity works from his Income. Many times Abhinav can be seen saying “Ideas and emotions are only a key until it is used to unlock new challenges every day” Digital Marketer Abhinav.