How to figure out the right visa consultant in Hyderabad

How to figure out the right visa consultant in Hyderabad

As there are many advantages to relocating to the maple country with a permanent residence, Canada is the first choice for those who want to immigrate to a land of opportunity. This blog will help you select among the top Visa consultant in Hyderabad for Canada and the various immigration routes. Follow along.

How to Pick a Top Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad

Do you know how to choose the best Canada immigration advisors? The following points should be remembered:

  1. Drop by their office to see what services they provide.
  2. Review online testimonials and request references from prior customers.
  3. Examine their website to determine the calibre of their offerings.
  4. Carefully read their service agreement.
  5. Beforehand, inquire about the prices and other information.

Who is the best visa consultant in Hyderabad for Canada?

The best consultant in Hyderabad for Canada visas is Greentree Immigration. Don't believe anything we say. The statistics support it. served over 30K clients, and there were over 4K open cases.

Additional justifications for why Greentree Immigration is the best visa advisor in Hyderabad include the following:

Detailed evaluation of the profile

You can get a free profile evaluation from Greentree Immigration.

We want to help you reach your full potential and live comfortably in Canada.

Assessment of Programs:

You may be eligible for two or more different immigration programs.

You must pick a programme that will increase your chances of getting a visa.

360° Visa Assistance:

The application procedure for migrating to Canada is extremely thorough.

Along with your application, you must include supporting documentation, transcripts, financial information, and even the results of any medical exams.

We aid in your preparation by:

We provide free training to help you succeed, whether it's in a language test, at a visa interview, or with a well-formatted and comprehensive visa application.

Working systematically and transparently:

We constantly prioritise your needs over our own and provide complete openness throughout the visa application process.

Services provided after landing:

Our assistance extends beyond the mere approval of a visa.

We also provide post-landing services to help you adjust to the new nation.

What is the PR programme for Canada?

The Canadian Immigration Programs are a system that the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has designed with numerous avenues for immigrants.

A permanent resident (PR) is a foreign national who does not hold Canadian citizenship but who receives permanent resident status upon moving to Canada.

How Do You Obtain a Permanent Resident Visa for Canada?

Obtaining permanent residency in Canada is the best path to a contented and abundant life. The nation has more than 60 immigration programmes available to applicants.

Finding the best programme you qualify for is essential since it improves your chances of being chosen.

Direct Entry:

By bringing in qualified workers and students, the Express Entry System seeks to address the country's labour market needs.

Under this system, there are three different programs. As follows:

Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Program:

The Provincial Nominee Program is the most popular Canadian immigration program. The Canadian federal government and the provinces have agreed to create and alter the immigration rules that work best for them.

Each Canadian province and territory has its own nomination process. They nominate qualified workers who can support the economic development of the territory or province.

Immigration in the Business Class:

In addition to welcoming qualified workers, Canada offers a wide range of business start-up prospects. The Business Class Immigration Program allows anyone who has expertise owning, managing, or investing in a business to immigrate to Canada.

Immigration by Family Class:

Family members of a Canadian permanent resident are likewise welcome here. Families in India are reunited thanks to the Family Class Immigration Scheme. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident may sponsor their family members through this scheme.

How do you determine your eligibility for immigration to Canada?

For the Canada Express Entry Visa, you need a minimum score of 67 out of 100. Your chances of obtaining a visa are determined by your FSW and CRS Score (Comprehensive Ranking Score).

  1. To qualify for a Canada PR Visa in 2023, you should ideally have a score of at least 460.
  2. With each IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) draw, the CRS changes.

Check your score right away to learn more about your FSW points and current CRS rating!

What does Canadian PR cost?

Here is a breakdown of prices for Canada PR:



Principal Applicants

$ 1,365

Wife or husband

$ 1,365

Dependent Children or child

$ 230

How Might One Immigrate to Canada?

First step: ECA Report

Every applicant who wishes to immigrate to Canada must possess an Educational Credential Assessment report, or ECA.

The study proves that the candidate's education is on par with that of Canada.

Step 2: Report on language proficiency abilities

Additionally, the applicant needs a report on their language proficiency in either French or English.

TEF is valid for French, while IELTS and CELPIP are for English.

Step 3: Making an Express Entry Profile

Once you have the necessary paperwork, you can create an Express Entry profile, at which point it will be added to the pool.

The expression of interest (EOI) in immigrating to Canada is displayed by creating a profile.

Step 4: Get your CRS score.

You will receive a Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) score based on the eligibility criteria after creating your profile.

Candidates who meet or exceed the specified cut-off are chosen in routine drawings conducted by the government.

Step 5: Obtain an application invitation (ITA).

The migration authorities will send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) if your score is higher than the cut-off rank.

Step 6: Submit your final request for a PR.

You have 60 days after receiving the ITA to submit a complete Canada PR application with all required supporting documentation.

What can Greentree do for you?

In India, Greentree Immigration is the top visa advisor.

We excel as immigration specialists because,

  • We are a certified visa advisor.
  • Dedicated Case Officer: Throughout the process, we provide you with individualised support and serve as the company's primary point of contact.
  • Decades of experience: We have a team with experience and a successful track record.
  • Documentation guidance: starting with evaluation, continuing with visa applications and documentation, and ending with post-landing services.
  • High-potential prospects across all industries are highlighted for consideration.
  • We will always be available to support you, whether it is with interview preparation, French or English classes, example cover letters, resumes, or help with application forms, medical clearance certificates, or police clearance certificates. Visit us for Immigration Classification. and for more details about your immigration programs.