By incorporating spiritual healing into hypnotherapy, Anahaa brings hypnotherapy to the next level

By incorporating spiritual healing into hypnotherapy, Anahaa brings hypnotherapy to the next level

Having a spiritual bent, Anahaa has merged Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing. Her young soul has been turned to spirituality on and off throughout her teens and early twenties. Her life was altered by an unavoidable incident that occurred in September 2018. It had reached a point of no return for her. As a female child, her family had subjected her to physical, emotional, and mental trauma. She was, however, supported in everything she did by her mother. Her success despite living in a toxic environment was similar to that of a lotus, which grows in muddy waters. As she healed, she learned to help others as well as herself.

The oath Anahaa took since that time has been the healing point for many who have a need for a spiritual mentor. Souls are guided by her and shown the right path towards themselves.

Her practice includes hypnotherapy, tarot reading, and hypnotherapy. In addition to reiki, she also practices life coaching, art therapy, and womb healing, which she has been practicing for over 5 years and has served over 20,000+ clients worldwide. Also, she maintains the Akashic records, a compilation of all past events, actions, feelings, and thoughts. Her healing sessions have improved the lives of people who have benefited from them.

She believes that self-fulfillment and thriving in a lifetime are essential to live a beautiful life without regrets, and she looks forward to expanding the path of self-love. As she watched Master Sri Akarshana's YouTube videos and meditated at 4am, she became spiritually involved. After teaching yoga to kids, she developed a program focusing on being a conscious parent and how we as a society have not understood love and relationships. The purpose of living can be understood by cracking open people's spiritual relationships, according to Anahaa. It is common for people to chase or control one another in the name of love, whether it is between parents, couples, or even friends.

A deeper understanding of what it means to be human and of what it means to be conscious. Understanding humanity conscious and embarking on her journey to continue her family legacy of integrating spirituality in this reality at a young age of 19 she has come a long way.

Her journey started with her twitter account where she used to provide readings. After being mentored by Master Sri Akarshana she realized why hadn’t therapy worked for her. After going from therapist to therapist she gave up and embarked on the journey to become a Therapist with a Holistic approach, after learning Hypnotherapy and merging that with various healing modalities the clients noticed a huge difference in their lives. She is paving the way for a holistic approach in India and how a mergence of both these modalities can revolutionize India and therapy in general. 

She realizes that people are not aware of how to balance their work and personal lives. Both are co-related; if one is affected, so is the other. Her belief is that spirituality can enhance an individual's overall well being and help them navigate through this life, learning the lessons and having a practical approach towards life. Additionally, channeling emotions and developing emotional intelligence are important for surviving with a greater purpose in life. By customizing her healing coaching for each individual, she helps all interested people achieve their healing goals.

In her words, "The goal isn't to make millions, but to serve millions". As she decoded this by saying “People get into the spiritual business to serve but somewhere get blinded by the illusions of materials. As my mentor used to say making money is a byproduct of serving, I’ve lived and served by that”. Her services are catered towards helping people in ways that could benefit them.

She is a living proof that there are people out there, filled with kindness, compassion and genuinely care about people and wish the best for them despite of all the hardships thrown at them by life.

You can listen to her podcast on the website for free where she is going to be hosting free challenges and meditations to guide as many souls as she can. In order to get more insights, you can also check out the free meditation and 21-day free journal at