After five years, what does the founder say about the Dedozz company?

After five years, what does the founder say about the Dedozz company?

Lokesh Singh is a young entrepreneur and the founder of dedozz services Pvt ltd, an established B2C company. He is the fastest-growing entrepreneur in the B2C industry and an investor in many more subsidiary companies. According to sources, the company will create 500 more openings in the middle of 2023. Presently, the company has 300 executives. Well, what to say about the success story as an emerging and most loved platform for professionals and consumers? We have just started to achieve something concrete in our journey, and this is just the beginning. Though our customers and professionals have appreciated us, we admit reluctantly that we still have a long way to go to make this platform more users friendly and beneficial for everyone associated with us.

Success has a different meaning for every person. Suppose anyone wants to know about the definition of success from our point of view. In that case, we at Dedozz firmly believe that if we can bring a sense of satisfaction and smile to the face of our customers and professionals, then we have achieved something worthy. The mechanism and working environment of our organization are customer friendly. We only make commitments which we can fulfil. Otherwise, we don't exaggerate our qualities because we believe in constructing the work rather than building castles in the wind. Our professionalism, commitment, and ongoing efforts are the backbone of our success. However, we achieved only 1% of what we aimed for when we initiated this startup. Hopefully, we will reach 100% stardom with the support of our talent and dedication towards our work.'

What is

Dedozz is the place to be! Dedozz is your neighbourhood classified ad posting site that aims to simplify life for its users. is the easiest way to search, buy or sell, exchange, to interact for common or complementary interests within or across local communities in India.

Our advertisers have always emphasized simple processes. Driven by this preference, we have built the website on key pillars of simplicity & innovative applications for classified advertisements. Why to use

Easy to use - has been made keeping you in mind. You can access the information faster through category browsing & easy search. Quick response - We provide a robust platform for advertisers to showcase their offers & receive an immediate response. The ads are visible across the website, which gives it maximum visibility to the users. As an advertiser, you may also use the "Push To Top" feature that lets you stay on top and continue to reach out to maximum users.

Aesthetic Design: is easy to understand, and its straightforward layout assists the users in reaching the most relevant page. The form and colours are vibrant and pleasant to work around. How do I use the service?

To start with, on, you can effortlessly search or post offers, ads, events, announcements, and messages for anything ranging from suggestions in real estate or for selling new and old cars/auto parts & services, household or business services, educational avenues, to personal profiles for matrimonial or friendship/dating, to jobs, home appliances, electronics, and so on.

Posting ads/offers/messages on is FAST and SIMPLE"