Anju Mor, the Internet Sensation, has Reached Unprecedented Heights

Anju Mor, the Internet Sensation, has Reached Unprecedented Heights


Anju Mor is an Indian Dancer, TikToker, and Social Media Influencer. She started her social media career with Tiktok, now known as She has millions of followers on Tiktok. This famed social media influencer comes from Narwana, Jind, in Haryana. She studied Government senior secondary school at Narwana and Pursued her graduation from an open university.


Anju, like many other influencers, got her start on TikTok, formerly known as

As she worked full-time in the sales sector with a pharma firm and also worked a night shift in a different company to make ends meet, the platform helped her grow as an individual as she acquired a fair number of likes and views on the platform.


Her epic journey began when she was seven years old and she enjoyed dancing at home. However, she was afraid to perform in public since her family forbade her from practicing dance or performing in public, which demoralized her. She left her home after a few years to pursue a certificate degree. Her mother encouraged her to pursue her desire, and she resumed her quest after receiving positive comments from her professors and classmates.

Her mother is her main source of motivation and inspiration. Despite initially receiving minimal support from her family, her mother gradually came around and began to encourage her. With the assistance of her mother, she joined an academy and competed in regional, state, and national contests such as DID (Dance India Dance Little Masters 2011). She cleared the first two rounds of DID but was unable to participate in the third round due to several health issues.


This did not deter her. After being unable to compete in DID, she began working as a dance instructor in her academy, where she received several other opportunities. Following that, she began posting brief clips of her dancing on various sites such as TikTok, formerly known as, and Instagram, where her content began to receive a large number of likes and views. Her page rose from 0 to 2.5 million followers over time, and she is still growing.


She has recently appeared as a model in two songs, Lal dupatta and Sone main peeli. Both of which earned her a lot of admiration from her audience. She has also worked with various Bollywood celebs, including Sara Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Sonam Bajwa, Gippy Grewal, Kanika Kapoor, and many more.


Anju is now an online sensation. She has approximately 2.5 million followers on Instagram and another 285,000 followers She is recognized for her dancing, acting, choreography, and the development of material in a range of genres. She plans to perform in regional costumes in the future.