3000 BC Therapeutics- Healing the Epidemic of Stress in the World Through the Ancient Wisdom of Chakra Healing

3000 BC Therapeutics- Healing the Epidemic of Stress in the World Through the Ancient Wisdom of Chakra Healing

3000 BC Therapeutics is a child of the pandemic. It’s aim is to provide simple, easy to use healing tools, made from essential oil blends that are drawn from ancient wisdom. There are any number of symptoms of stress; obesity, sleeplessness, feeling tired all the time, low immunity etc. that people think is normal. It is how life is. Sangeeta Bhalla, the founder of 3000 BC Therapeutics believes that the opposite is true. Life is meant to be serene and blissful and successful and productive. Their mission is to help people regain their balance, simply, properly and rapidly.

In a vast country like India, one out of every seventh person is known to suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. This prompts an increase in compulsive behaviour, working very long hours, too much time in gym, excessive shopping, binge watching, irritability, unhealthy relationships, low attention span etc.

3000 BC therapeutics products help people to start with simple outcomes that have long term benefits. Sleep better, wake up refreshed. Become calm in stressful situations. Reduce muscle pain. Have a bath that cleanses at the energetic and the physical level. Step away from chemical products. The outcome oriented, accessible and easy to use products have crossed the victory mark of one million and the brand looks forward to rapid growth.

The founder, Sangeeta Bhalla is a cancer survivor whose recovery process was aided by energy healing and the use of aromatherapy blends. She, herself has deep knowledge about energy healing and is a therapeutic aromatherapist and now, a certified Energy healing Instructor. She was convinced that these products need to find a way to a larger audience, especially during the wave of pandemic. Thereafter, 3000 BC Therapeutics started its mission to bring the ancient wisdom of chakra healing to people looking for a holistic and organic lifestyle. After the successful completion of two years, the brand today offers a suite of 24 OTC products based on therapeutic aromatherapy as well as meditation and energy healing across India and the United States.

3000 BC Therapeutics is a brand which is trusted as a friend, by its consumers.  In the words of their customer, Mythri, “Until I started the healing sessions with you, my anxiety levels were so high that I had to take pills for sleeping. After I started using the Sleep Easy and attending the healing sessions as suggested, I was slowly able to overcome my grief and have control on my emotions. I was able to feel the improvement in my physical and mental health. Thank you for your guidance."

“The 22nd century is slowly moving towards a sustainable, organic and humane lifestyle. Our products and services, help people heal from anger, angst, grief of relationships, work, illness, old age and feel more in control, more secure. They have good energy flow in the body, feel rejuvenated and in control.” Sangeeta Bhalla, Founder 3000 BC Therapeutics.